Lauren Barnette {Model Shoot}

Lauren and I have been great friends for many years now. It seems like yesterday that I was picking on her as she entered the high school for her eighth great year. Even back then we made so many great memories. But over the past several years I’ve watched her grow in to an amazing young lady and achieve so many goals. Lauren is one of the sweetest people on earth that I know. What makes her special is how pretty she is on the inside just at the out. Without a doubt, I know if I called her and needed something she’d be right there. Not just for me, but for others as well. She has one of the most loving and caring hearts.

After Lauren moved to Los Angeles it was very rare that I got to see her. Occasionally we would meet up for just a minute while she was home visiting. However, since I’ve began my career in photography I’ve had the opportunity to see Lauren more often as she host the Miss VA USA pageant that I sponsor. It’s been great getting to see her more often and talk on a regular basis to stay caught up on how things are going for each of us. A little over a year ago Lauren and I discussed doing a photo shoot. The timing didn’t work out at first, but back in December after a few months of planning we had the opportunity to work together. Lauren brought on Sherri Jesse an amazing hair and make up artist for the shoot. This was the first time that the two of us had teamed up. Within minutes of meeting Sherri I felt a strong connection and knew we were going to make an awesome team for this shoot.

The three of us met up at the Martha Washington Inn in Abingdon, VA for her shoot. The hospitality that they provided us at the Inn was out of this world. This was the perfect venue for the shoot and we captured many amazing shots. Over the past couple of months Lauren has been working extremely hard on getting her new website launched. She’s put many hours in on this project, and I was so excited when I got the news last night that the site was live. I encourage you to take a minute and visit her site. See more images from our session and other great photographers that she’s worked with. You’ll also be able to check out Lauren’s reel and read about many of her accomplishments in her Bio. Don’t forget to mark it as a favorite so  you can check back often to see Lauren’s new work. www.lauren-barnette-com

Lauren, thanks again for everything. Most importantly for the amazing friendship we have. But also for believing in me, pushing me after my own goals, and being there when I just need someone to chat with. I’m so excited about my upcoming trip to Los Angeles in a little over a week to visit and work with you again! XOXO

Sherri, thanks for all of your hard work and dedication on this shoot. Your professionalism, talent, dedication means the world to me. I’m so glad that we’ve been able to team up on other shoots since then and looking forward to what the future holds for us. Last but certainly not least, a very big thank you to the Martha Washington Inn for opening up their location to us. We greatly appreciate everything that you done and provided for us.

Now what are you waiting on, go check out Lauren’s site :D